Hi, I’m Jeremy aka Porchrates on twitter dot com. My day job is doing digital project management and collection database administration for museums and cultural institutions. My Linkedin is here. Over the past four years at my current job I’ve turned from a pure database guy into a jack of all trades digital guy – primarily helping everyone in the institution plan and execute their digital projects. My current aspiration is to find work inside or outside the museum sector doing digital project management.

I’ve managed art collection databases and done project management since 2014. I used to work at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas (which rules) and currently work at the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art.

Outside of my job I’m involved in local organizing around transit issues in Washington DC. I was once quoted in the Washington Post talking about how great the Metro system is! I’m a nerd! You can read that here.

Selected Conference Presentations/Papers:

Museum Computer Network (MCN) San Diego 2019 – “The Limit Does Exist” Exploring the Limits of Collection Databases

MCN 2020 Virtual – “They Will Save Us If We Let Them”: Vine, Tik Tok, The Teens, Community

MCN 2020 Virtual – New Horizons: A Critical Examination of Animal Crossing for Cultural Heritage Institutions

MCN 2021 Virtual – Speculative Fiction: A Dispatch from the Year 3021

Collective Imagination 2021 – Keynote: She/He/They/Us: The Intersection of Museums, Documentation, and Identity Politics

MuseumNext Museums, Games, and Play Summit (2022) – Games in Museums Beyond Gamification