Hi, I’m Jeremy aka Porchrates on twitter dot com. I work in museums doing collection database management, digitization, DAMS stuff, and more. Like many museum professionals I wear many hats, sometimes comfortable, sometimes they’re like cheap birthday hats where the string digs into your chin.

As far as the ole day job goes I’m really interested in museum’s relationship to social justice and accessibility. On a more tech side I’m interested in mass digitization efforts, open access, and digital artworks.

Outside of my job I’m involved in the housing, transit, and zoning discourse in Washington DC. I was once quoted in the Washington Post talking about how great the Metro system is! I’m a nerd!

You can read that here.

I also used to run a blog about rating and reviewing porches, which was called Porch Rates. I deleted that blog and destroyed all the articles, but it was fun while it lasted! It was just a tumblr blog, free real estate and all that you know.

(If you don’t know the “It’s free real estate” meme you should fix that right now.